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  In today’s factories and shop floors, industrial automation is everywhere and it is difficult to imagine a production line without automation. Industrial automation uses control systems and equipment, such as computer software and robots, to perform tasks that were historically done manually. These systems operate industrial equipment automatically, significantly reducing the level of operator involvement and oversight required. The trends which are affecting industrial automation are as follows:

  1. Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT) Technology

As the demand increases, the sensors for the collection of information, are becoming less expensive and more efficient. At the same time, the data transmission methods, Ethernet, wireless, Bluetooth, grow and mature, and the packet sizes are still in a downward trend.

  1. Open Architecture Automation Tools

Own hardware and software gave the manufacturers a choice to make: whether to work with a single supplier, or to work with the islands of automation. Today, there is a clear trend towards open architecture and more. Due to the removal of barriers to communication, and it shall be in order for the integration to foster, promote, and at the same time, the promotion of innovation.

  1. Less Hierarchical Automation Architectures

The boundary between the sensors, Plc's, and Pc's are fuzzy. Along with an increase in the ability of the shop, devices the decision-making process will be approached by one of the factory ones. Industry observers anticipate the old five-layer automation hierarchy condensing to three levels.


It is always possible to run applications or software from one manufacturer on hardware to another

  1. Convergence between Business Systems and Automation Hardware

Expect a tighter integration of systems and information technology, based in part on the growth in the use of cloud-based products for high-end computing. 

  1. The Growth of Computer Devices

These are simple and cost-effective computer devices that are installed directly on the machine, pumps and motors are used in the business. In other words, at the edge of the network, it can be expected that their ranks will increase significantly. 

  1. Big Data Analysis Tool  

The more data visualization tools, which is an increase in the cloud and a local historian of the products are provided with a deeper understanding of the production and efficiency, and will help to identify the root causes of the loss or waste, and to identify and take corrective action.

  1. Smart Sensor Reproduction 

As sensors become more aware of the transmission of information rather than data in an efficient manner, we would expect the engineers to add it anywhere. 

  1. The Increased use of Wireless Networks 

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other such products, all-pervading, will increase the flexibility in the configuration of the hardware in the shop. 

  1. New Market 

The cobot market is growing rapidly. Manufacturers in many industries are seeing the huge potential of these machines, which do not need to be expensive, space-consuming cages. Easy to program, they will soon be used anywhere where there is a need for a repeatable motion. With the increase of the volume of the lower and lower prices, and new business opportunities as you gain experience.

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Posted by : ruksarshaikh | 5 July, 2022